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Policy Publications is an independent research and publishing company which specialises in producing research reports that help managers develop world-class company performance.


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Winning New Business: A Best Practice Resource Pack

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Winning New Business: A Best Practice Resource Pack
Bidding for Business: the Skills Agenda - Research report which shows how to raise performance in the top 20 skills needed when pitching for new business.


01 Making a winning presentation
02 Defining product value in customers' terms
03 Learning how customer buying centres work
04 Building or redesigning a bidding process
05 Completing tender documents
06 Finding and using competitive intelligence
07 Drafting proposals
08 Developing key messages about company and product
09 Managing the prospect relationship
10 Identifying potential new customers
11 Developing bid team leadership
12 Managing a bid team
13 Defining and managing a contract bid budget
14 Developing bid team communication skills
15 Recruiting and training bid team members
16 Developing negotiating skills
17 Understanding the role of internal stakeholders
18 Understanding global bidding trends
19 Pitching against international competitors
20 Developing and using reference sites

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