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Winning New Business: A Best Practice Resource Pack

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Winning New Business: A Best Practice Resource Pack
The Contract Bid Manager's Toolkit


01 Major bid strategy key questions
02 Bid process framework
03 Major bid targets map
04 Bid invitation factors ranking table
05 Awareness and perception grid
06 Positioning table
07 Market presence checklist
08 Close encounters checklist
09 Qualification table
10 Strategic opportunities chart
11 Managing bid team checklist
12 Bid team behaviour table
13 Bid team skills audit worksheet
14 Customer communication chart
15 Customer communication plan worksheet
16 Managing negotiation chart
17 Negotiation goals chart
18 Pre-negotiation planning worksheet
19 Competition assessment checklist
20 Competitive context planning analysis
21 Target customer information checklist
22 Customer negotiating team profile
23 Negotiation weighting worksheet
24 Key negotiation factors grid
25 Negotiation range worksheet
26 Negotiation key action worksheet
27 Negotiation master checklist
28 Negotiating principles top tips
29 Negotiation key questions checklist
30 Debriefing checklists

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