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Winning New Business: A Best Practice Resource Pack

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Winning New Business: A Best Practice Resource Pack
Winning New Business : The Critical Success Factors is an essential new research report which focuses on the most vital of all questions – how can your company win more new business?


  • Executive summary
  • 1    Winning new business: a global perspective
  • Why winning new business is getting tougher
  • The research and its methodology
  • Meet the superbidders and the rest
  • Headlines from the research
  • Why the superbidders win more new business than the rest
  • What separates the winners from the losers
  • 2    How to win a place on the shortlist
  • The three big questions in buying decisions
  • Management briefing: Understanding the role of internal stakeholders
  • Qualification: selecting and evaluating opportunities
  • Winning a place on the shortlist
  • Checklist: key shortlist questions
  • Shortlist best practice: where the superbidders score
  • Management briefing: How to use reputation to build market position
  • 3    Key activities in winning new business
  • Five important questions and six vital answers
  • Creating a buyer-seller bond
  • Understanding the customer’s buying centre
  • More about buying centres
  • Contacting customers
  • Communicating key messages about company and product
  • Management briefing: Shaping things to come
  • Understanding the great divide
  • 4    Managing an effective new business team
  • Winning new business starts with leadership
  • Management briefing: The two-team bidding strategy
  • Recruiting and managing a new business team
  • Management briefing: International operation and communication
  • Creating a winning team spirit
  • 5    Negotiating to a successful close
  • What matters when you start to negotiate
  • How to out-negotiate the competition
  • Checklist: structure, layout and format of proposals
  • Setting the negotiation in context
  • Management briefing: The art of changing the spec
  • The art of closing the deal
  • Knowing when to walk away
  • Management briefing: Price for profit
  • Negotiating a partnership relationship
  • Partnerships: comparing the winners with the losers
  • 6    A new model for winning business
  • Introduction: learning from best practice
  • Model A: the pre-bid phase
  • Model B: understanding the client and the buying decision
  • Model C: assembling, leading and managing an effective bidding team
  • Model D: negotiating to a successful close
  • Appendix 1 - Winning new business checklists
  • Checklist 01: Winning new business strategy
  • Checklist 02: Target prospects, requirements, sectors and markets
  • Checklist 03: Available offerings
  • Checklist 04: Communicating corporate capability
  • Checklist 05: Competitor analysis
  • Checklist 06: Creating initial awareness
  • Checklist 07: Importance of competitive bidding
  • Checklist 08: Obtaining invitations to bid
  • Checklist 09: Evaluating business opportunities
  • Checklist 10: Understanding prospects
  • Checklist 11: Understanding buying decisions
  • Checklist 12: Managing bid teams
  • Checklist 13: Formulating proposals and bid responses
  • Checklist 14: Pricing proposals
  • Checklist 15: Presenting a bid or proposal
  • Checklist 16: Negotiating contracts
  • Checklist 17: Evaluating bidding outcomes
  • Checklist 18: Managing the new business team
  • Checklist 19: Managing channel and value chain relationships
  • Checklist 20: Managing customer relationships
  • Checklist 21: Selecting key accounts
  • Checklist 22: Understanding the individual customer
  • Checklist 23: Establishing and building key account relationships
  • Checklist 24: Locking out the competition
  • Checklist 25: Building business partnerships
  • Checklist 26: Evaluating and managing key account performance
  • Appendix 2 - Survey questionnaire statistical data
  • Appendix 3 - Further reading

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