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Winning New Business: A Best Practice Resource Pack

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Cover of: Winning New Business A Best Practice Resource Pack     Winning New Business: A Best Practice Resource Pack
   A four-part best practice resource pack to boost your success rate

Authors: Colin Coulson-Thomas, Carol Kennedy, Matthew O’Connor.

Published in association with the Centre for Competitiveness.

The Winning New Business resource pack consists of four items:

  • Winning New Business: the Critical Success Factors A 172pp A4 format report based on the real life experience of over 300 companies. It explores the key factors which lead to success in winning new business. On each of more than 50 bidding activities and issues, there are charts which show how top quartile new business winners compare with bottom quartile and the average. The report includes 26 detailed checklists which take you through every aspect of pitching for new business.
  • Bidding for Business: the Skills Agenda A 70pp A4 report based on research among 62 companies. It explores the top 20 skills that are important in winning new business in a format designed for use in training or as a self-help aid. The 20 skills take you from making a winning presentation through drafting proposals to developing negotiating skills.
  • The Contract Bid Manager’s Toolkit A set of 30 loose-leaf and inter-linked tools – frameworks, tables, charts, worksheets, checklists - designed to help managers in the practicalities of bidding for business. The worksheets are based on those actually used by a major multinational to win millions of pounds of new business. The flexible tools help you to organise every aspect of a bid from deciding the initial strategy through to debriefing the bid team after you win.
  • Win More Business: A CD-Rom Contains the above three items together with case studies and other resources designed to help companies win more business. The CD features animated presentations on key sales and marketing issues such as increasing business win rates, improving margins and boosting the performance of the dealer network.
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