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Developing a Corporate Learning Strategy

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Cover of: Developing a Corporate Learning Strategy Developing a Corporate Learning Strategy
The key knowledge management challenge for the HR function

Learn from the experience of other companies how to improve corporate learning.

Based on in-depth research involving 69 organisations with 460,000 employees, this 239 page A4 report can be used to review your organisation’s learning strategy, brief your top management team on learning and knowledge management issues, decide whether and how to set up a ‘corporate university’ or centre of learning, focus on the new learning agenda, develop a strategy to create knowledge entrepreneurs, and discover ways of generating add-on revenues from corporate learning activities. Nine policy issues are examined in depth, including developing the skills and assembling the internal and external capabilities to build a learning organisation.

The report contains diagrams, checklists and 13 revealing case studies which should help you to ensure your organisation’s corporate learning strategy adds value for customers and shareholders.

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