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Pricing for Profit...the Critical Success Factors

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Cover of: Pricing for Profit...the Critical Success Factors Pricing for Profit...the Critical Success Factors

Review pricing strategies that really work, align pricing policies with business objectives and discover how to price for improved profit margins. This 104 page A4 report shows how some companies are much more effective than others at using pricing management to help achieve business objectives, such as growing market share or improving profitability. It is based on research into 73 companies’ pricing policies and practices. The companies examined range in size from under £10m turnover to more than £1bn.

The report examines who should be involved in pricing decisions, 15 issues effecting price sensitivity, 10 price-oriented factors and nine cost-oriented factors which can drive pricing decisions, 13 pricing tactics which companies use, 9 ways of improving the profitability of individual customers, 14 tactics for defending your prices against competitive attack, 13 different sources of information and nine tools and techniques you could use to help take more successful pricing decisions.

The report also includes a self-assessment questionnaire you can use to compare your own company’s performance both against the average of other companies and those leaders who achieve more business success with pricing.

Table of Contents:
Executive summary
Winning benefits from pricing
The players in pricing
The price sensitivity factor
Drivers of pricing decisions
Pricing and the Euro zone
The tactics of pricing
Making customers more profitable
Defending prices against competitors
Information for price planning
Techniques for competitive pricing
Pricing for profit
Appendix 1: Self-assessment questionnaire
Appendix 2: Survey questionnaire statistics (averages)
Appendix 3: Survey questionnaire statistics (leader companies)

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