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The Knowledge Entrepreneur

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Cover of: The Knowledge Entrepreneur The Knowledge Entrepreneur
Author: Colin Coulson-Thomas

The Knowledge Entrepreneur: How your business can CREATE, MANAGE and PROFIT from intellectual capital

Hardback + CD-ROM

In many companies 'knowledge management' has focused almost exclusively upon the packaging of existing knowledge. Its exploitation has taken a back seat, while relatively little effort has been devoted to creating the additional know-how needed to innovate, discover and create additional customer and shareholder value. General information, knowledge and training have been made available on corporate intranets, but key work groups have not been equipped with the specific knowledge, skills and tools they need to do a better job. Knowledge management now urgently needs to move on. Knowledge managers need to either become knowledge entrepreneurs, or they must give way to this new breed of pioneers who are set to transform individual and corporate prospects.

The knowledge Entrepreneur is a guide to what needs to be done, and a workbook for making the transition. It is designed to help readers - whether entrepreneurial spirits or corporate managers - boost revenues and profit by significantly improving the performance of existing activities and creating new offerings that generate additional income. It shows how practical knowledge-based job-support tools can transform work group productivity, and reveals the enormous scope for addressing contemporary problems such as 'information overload' with imaginative responses. Lists of possible commercial ventures are provided.

The Knowledge Entrepreneur contains detailed checklists that various groups from entrepreneurs and investors to individual members of the board can use for identifying and analysing opportunities for knowledge entrepreneurship. Exercises are also included for assessing entrepreneurial potential and scoping possible products and services. The CD accompanying the book gives examples of particular knowledge-based job support tools that have dramatically improved desired results in crucial areas such as winning more business.

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