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The Responsive Organisation: Re-engineering New Patterns of Work

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Cover of: The Responsive Organisation: Re-Engineering New Patterns of Work The Responsive Organisation: Re-engineering New Patterns of Work
Executive Editor and Principal Author: Colin Coulson-Thomas.
Sponsor: European Commission.

This three volume boxed set of reports is brought to you by, Policy Publications in association with the University of Luton, comprises a re-engineering methodology manual, 21 case studies, briefings on teleworking, and notes on 101 re-engineering techniques.

A detailed blueprint for any company wanting to introduce more flexible working practices. Three volumes cover:
(1) Re-engineering organisations and processes for new patterns of work,
(2) Key insights from European experience in business re-engineering and teleworking, and
(3) Sources of support and briefings for effective business re-engineering and teleworking projects.

The re-engineering methodology was developed by a pan-European project team led by Prof. Colin Coulson-Thomas. It covers six stages;

  • Stage 1 Establishing the approach and goal setting
  • Stage 2 Opportunity seeking
  • Stage 3 Process analysis
  • Stage 4 Process redesign
  • Stage 5 Implementation of change
  • Stage 6 Performance monitoring

At each of the six stages the methodology provides:

  • 1 Description of the stage
  • 2 The work to be done
  • 3 Typical/possible outputs
  • 4 Critical success factors
  • 5 Teleworking opportunities and issues
  • 6 Pitfalls, obstacles, barriers and constraints
  • 7 Any diagnostics/checklists that specifically relate to teleworking
  • 8 Any other relevant tools and techniques
  • 9 Summary and checklist
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